Chess Pieces (2013 - 2018)

Chess Piece Anna Barden

Fool's Mate (ink and pencil on paper. 34 x 34 cms) 

Chess Piece Deep Blue Anna Barden

Deep Blue (ink and acrylic on paper. 34 x 34 cms) 

Chess Piece Cornered Anna Barden

Cornered (ink and pencil on paper. 34 x 34 cms) 

Chess Piece Castle Anna Barden

Castle  (ink and acrylic on paper. 34 x 34 cms) 

Chess Piece Anna Barden Knight Moves

Knight Moves   (Acrylic and pencil on paper. 34 x 34 cms) 

Anna Barden Sunflower
Anna Barden Monbretia
Anna Barden Rose
Anna Barden Peony
Anna Barden Lily
Anna Barden Iris
Anna Barden Honeysuckle

Dead Flowers

The Book of How

Once upon a time there was a girl who didn’t know how to draw a picture. Her pencil would only write, but it refused to draw a picture. Words, words, words flowed from her pencil. ‘I don’t want more words,’ she cried. But words, words, words again. Words making sentences, clauses, santa-clauses, sub-clauses, nouns and never would she split an infinitive, but no pictures. Then she wrote: I want a camera. 

A quirky, nonsensical collection of tiny, exquisitely illustrated stories offering an absurd solution to everyday tasks. A manual for the inept; for childlike adults and grown-up children. The Book of How is available to buy from Amazon here and from the Book Depository here

An everyman and other Imaginary Creatures 

The function of an everyman is to create a fictional character with whom everyone can identify, and is a device dating from the 15th century when it wouldn’t have mattered that 99.5% of the population of the planet doesn’t easily identify with the single white male. 


For me, an everyman was simply an excuse to invent imaginary creatures and their eating habits. 


drawing with text, embroidery
Drawing with text, embroidery
drawing with text embroidery. Cat and torso

Birdboy: easily hurt, totally unforgiving and with a heightened sense of justice, Birdboy eats olive branches. 

drawing with text, embroidery unicorn wisteria

Haloed Felis is worshipped and revered, answering only to the effanineffable, which is known only to the oddly inaccurate. 


drawing with text, embroidery. man and branches

Dragons, the policeman knew were supposed to breathe fire and occasionally get themselves slaughtered. Eats love in a mist. 

drawing with text, embroidery. boy, daffodils

Monoman: Inbred, coming from a narrow gene pool, the Monoman suffers from such minor ailments as a permanently blocked nose. Whinges bitterly and eats Twisted Hazel.

drawing with text, embroidery. Woman, honesty seeds

Unicorn: a fierce beast that can only be captured by a maiden. Known to eat wisteria. 

UrchinBoy: wanders lonely as a cloud of black gloom, wears a hair shirt and it’s always Sunday night. Eats dead daffodils.

Emotional Vampire: drowns lesser immortals in the mire of her negativity. Self absorbed to the point of delusion, the so and so eats Honesty.