Moon Cat and an Echo (i) 25 x 30 cm oil on canvas 2020


Moon Cat and an Echo (ii) 25 x 30 cm oil on canvas 2020

Moon Cat and an Echo (iii) 40 x 56 cm oil on canvas 2020


Moon Cat and an Echo (iv) 25 x 30 cm oil on canvas 2020



It’s November 2020. I have a one year old kitten, Moon Cat, having lost PF in March 2019, and memories of Dan, my best friend and constant companion, 11 years dead on the 28th of November. 


It’s a global pandemic and I am remembering a musical match box, not the one I had as a child but the one I gave to my son some time in the early 2000s. 


We were clearing his childhood room in preparation for a much-needed house renovation, a task we abandoned as hopeless and went to town for lunch, and some days later as he packed to continue on his travels, he came downstairs with something in his hand, asked could he take it. It was the match box, the tune is Danny Boy.