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Curriculum Vitae


2022 Falter. Check. Resolve Studio 12 Backwater Artists Group Cork 

In Autumn 2022, I had a solo show in Studio 12, Backwater Artists Group, Cork; an installation of impossibly contorted ceramic horses, eighteen Beckett ‘Chess Piece’ drawings and a piece of text (a description, or a memory, of having played chess in a mental ward) on the wall. The ‘Chess Piece’ drawings are absurd in that all of the chess pieces depicted are horses, a tribute to the spirit of Beckett, in whose novel Murphy, the hero plays chess in a lunatic asylum. 


2018 Seven. The Guesthouse Cork 

In December 2018, I exhibited three series of works: 7 Chess Piece (all of the pieces are horses) drawings (mixed media on Ingres paper),  7 Dead Flower drawings (pencil and graphite aquarelle on watercolour paper on Ingres paper) and 7 Objects Observed: seven oil on canvas painting accompanied by a text in letter form. 


2006 Greenlane Gallery Dingle

Oil on canvas Horse paintings  


1999 University College Cork 

Oil on canvas Horse Paintings 




2002 Vangard Gallery Cork with Michael Quane 



2023 Lavit Gallery Cork Summer Show: ceramic sculptures 

2023 Blue House Gallery Schull Co. Cork. Summer Show: ceramic sculptures  

2023 Salvagem Window. Studio sale: The Yellow Cup Series: oil on Arches paper 

2022 Art Riddler Dublin: ceramic sculptures

2022 Backwater Artists Network Fota House Co. Cork: drawings ink and pencil on paper  

2021 Backwater Artists Group Salon Cork: oil on paper 

2021 Blue House Gallery Schull Co. Cork Summer Show: oil on Arches paper paintings 

2021 Lavit Gallery Members Show: drawings mixed media on paper 

2020 BAN Group Show Studio 12 Backwater Artists Group: Oil on Arches paper paintings  

2019 Lavit Gallery Members Show: drawings pencil and collage on paper 

2017 The Road Not Taken Ballymaloe Grainstore Co. Cork: drawings, text piece, ink and acrylic on paper

2016 Studio sale: Duck Egg series oil on canvas paintings 




2023 Flotsam magazine: The Roleplay issue. Concrete Prose Poem. 

2021 Death by Petty Grievance. A lockdown book. Illustrated rants.  

2020 The Book of How. Illustrated short stories offering an absurd solution to everyday problems. 


Born in Dublin in 1971, my son was born in 1990 - my work is about being a single mother, a woman. Often drawing on literature, I make work which concerns itself with trauma and joy - the joy of making. 


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