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Having started my practice as a painter, in the mid 2000s I began to work with a diverse range of media. Writing mixed with image and the juxtaposition of the two have worked their way into my art practice. Similarly, the  positioning of embroidery, so delicate and pretty, with my ceramics, so raw and hand-built,  is the area I wish to pursue in my art practice. I have been a member of Backwater Artists Network, Backwater’s group of home-studio artists since its inauguration in 2019. In Autumn 2022, I had a solo show in Studio 12, Backwater Artists Group, Cork; an installation of impossibly contorted ceramic horses, eighteen Beckett ‘Chess Piece’ drawings and a piece of writing on the wall. The ‘Chess Piece’ drawings are absurd in that all of the chess pieces depicted are horses, a tribute to the spirit of Beckett, in whose novel Murphy, the hero plays chess in a lunatic asylum. 

Solo Exhibtions

  • 2022 Studio 12 Backwater Artists Group Cork Falter.Check. Resolve

  • 2018 The Guesthouse Cork Seven

  • 2006 Greenlane Gallery Dingle and Paris 

  • 1999 University College Cork Ireland

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2022 Art Riddler Dublin

  • 2022 Backwater Artists Network Fota House Cork

  • 2021 Lavit Gallery Members Exhibition

  • 2019 Backwater Artists Network 

  • 2003 Vangard Gallery Cork with Michael Quane 


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